• SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP provides (All Types of Mushroom, Coconut, Dates / Khajer & Fishing Project) cultivation
    awareness in pan India & our target to give financial freedom to each & every Indians.
    Through the cultivation SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives a secure income opportunity for build a successful career.
  • SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives contractual farming opportunity of mushroom cultivation.
  • Every people can be made their own farm through SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP.
  • For Mushroom Cultivation, Coconut Cultivation & Fishing Project SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives loan opportunity
    for big farming.
  • You can take CBD Post (Cultivation Business Developer) through SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP.
  • CBD post is optional; you can take only contractual farming opportunity.
  • In CBD Post (Cultivation Business Developer) SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives free business opportunity in pan
  • In this business opportunity you can earn 2 lakhs in per month.
  • When you take CBD Post (Cultivation Business Developer) SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives you free business
  • If you work here seriously & sincerely, SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives MOBILE, LAPTOP, BIKE, FOUR WHEELER,
  • SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP take care of your Child education & Daughter’s Marriage
  • SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP wants to give nutrition & food value to all of Indians through Mushroom, Coconut &
    Fishing Project and the organization wants to make a healthy & financial India.
  • If you want to give your 2 years in SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP, then SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives you a best
    successful career.
  • Through cultivation you can earn a secure income in every month & SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP follow the system of
    traditional market.
  • For CBD Post SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP collect only consumer power for your business developing.
  • The system of collect consumer power, help you for build a team in your business system. And the team give you lot
    of income, which you want.
  • Through Mushroom, Coconut, Fishing Project & All Types of cultivation and taking CBD Post opportunity you can
    earn maximum money to comparing from any other business & every people get 2 lakh, Insurance coverage from



SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP Provide all types of cultivation. Like Mushroom, Coconut, Fishing and Dates or
Khejur Cultivation Awareness in PAN World. And we have target to expand our rich to 50 core people in the next
five years for FMCG Products.

  • Hold the 1st Position of Mushroom, Coconut, Fishing and Dates Growing Country in PAN World.
  • Build best career for CBD (Cultivation Business Developer) Post more than 1 lakh within 2 years.
  • We want to make many products for selling National & International markets
  • After 1 year of working every CBD get big support from SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP for making their big farm
    & also get DIGITAL ID, if they are working in daily basis in this this organization.
  • Through the cultivation SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP gives a secure income opportunity to build a successful



  1. Application to purchase / advance booking product of SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP must on the prescribed forms only.
  2. You must obtain proper receipts of any payment made by you towards the. Amount paid towards purchase package sell not be refunded or transferred under any circumstance.
  3. Product package A01, A02, A03 at any package you get only 2 pack (400gm) seed for trial up to here times. If you satisfied fill up deceleration and order from online / offline and get your rest seed within 15 days. If you not satisfied at any reason change your product with another product code given below D01, D02, D03, D04 charge applicable 1200/-
  4. Yu must obtain proper receipts of any payment made by you toward the booking of products packages from authorized offices as per the list published time to time. Subsequently also collect the final receipt send by company. And our authorize officer on receipt of amount at company. The company shall not be responsible for remittance made at any other place or to any independent distributors.
  5. On purchase / booking on the Product package, all application will be authorized for promoting the package of the company
  6. On purchase / booking on the Product, the registration the company. Does not create any employee-employer relationship, or joint venture between the distributor and the company.
  7. Any individual whose age is 18 years or above and reading in India is eligible to become independent distributor.
  8. A person cannot sponsor any other individual until he himself becomes a distributor and the company receives his/her payment for the package.
  9. If any distributor is unable to sponsor any other distributor within 90 days from date of joining then he/she can deposited the balance amount for the package booked and take their package.
  10. Amount paid toward booking of SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. Purchase package shall not be refunded or transferred under any circumstance. In case any individual does not qualify please refer to rule no. 6,7
  11. All drafts should be made in favor of SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. Payable at Head Office / Corporate Office.
  12. Package will be delivered after 30 days subject to availability and receiving full payment towards purchase of the package at the company’s corporate office. Discount coupon valid from one month of product purchase/ booking.
  13. Price at the time of delivery will be applicable.
  14. All product purchase offered at Corporate Office, All Our Branches and any delivery Charges Levied by the Distributor.
  15. If any of the package is founds damaged/ spoiled kindly within 24 hours to Authorize Service Center or Franchise. No claim will be considered thereafter. The company reeves the right to change / replace discontinue any of the package its pieces without any prentice. The company will not compensate any amount due to any change in price of package being out of stock.
  16. Cheque will set to the distributor when their amount of compensation accumulates to 400/- Service Charge 5% per Cheque, 10% Product Purchase Credit Note on M.R.P.
  17. TDS will be deducted from all the income received from the company as per the Central Govt. rues and regulation in force.
  18. Termination/ Suspension: any Independent distributor may be terminated / suspended from the company if (i) He / She join any MLM company of the same nature (ii) He / She found misguiding / converting any other MLM business to Independ Distributor of SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. (iii) He / She misbehave at the SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. Authorized Service Center during meeting / Seminar etc.
  19. The Distributor will not have any authority, right to incur any debt/ liabilities/ obligation on behalf of the company.
  20. All Distributor should be make themselves aware of all commencement, rule, regulation, Policies, circulars and product of the Company from time to time
  21. The company shall in no way be held responsible if any claims made by any independent distributor regarding any payment any specified time period any of payment not supported by company on an individual basis.
  22. The Distributor shall not try to promote any product/ service that are no provided by the company by falsely impressing the general public/ fellow distributor that the product and services are supplied by the company.
  23. The Distributor shall not make any such claims. Commitment to the general public about the company his position if 10purpose other than as specified by the company.
  24. The Company does not guarantee any define income to any distributor.
  25. The Company shall have the right to make any amendment in Business Plan, Rules and Commission. If necessary and the independent distributor shall abide by such changes.
  26. Upon the death of the independent distributor the right and responsibilities of the independent distributor are passed on to rightful nominees as per the law. The nominee shall be bound by the term ant condition of the Distributorship and abides by the companies rules and regulation.
  27. SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. Recognizes the Introducer as shown on the first entered original applicant, dated by the applicant and entered into the SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. Computer system. No claim with respect to wrong introducer ID put by the applicant will be entertained by the company.
  28. SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. Reserves the right to reject any applicant without assigning any reason. Management also reserves the right to terminate any independent distributor without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  29. Any dispute arising out of this agreement or its related matter shall be referred to a single arbitrator, to be appointed by the company. The Distributor as all has no right to raise any objection on appointment of the arbitrator or the manner whatsoever. All disputes are subject at Kolkata Jurisdiction only.


If you pay cash to the person on to a collection center, the company will not be responsible for it, so deposit the money in the company specific bank account.


Teams and Condition

  1. Self-3 Product Sale i.e., Left, Right, Extra is compulsory, otherwise Independent distributor will not eligible for any Income. Sales Promotion Payout Fortnight i.e. closing: 10th, 20th & month end of every month. Payout: After next Closing.


  1. Payout Fortnight, Maximum Payout Rs. ₹80,000/- in a Fortnight.


  1. Reward at Ex-Showroom price. All Rewards give at our Co. Sales Promotion Seminar. Tour is compulsory. This is decided by Company. Yearly 2 time for more details read product purchase application which is valid online only.


  1. For Re-Purchase 5% deducted from every payout. Products delivered min. Rs. ₹2000/-. Home delivery, by speed post, postage charges born by you minimum Rs. ₹250/- or as per market.


  1. B.V. = Business Value (1 B.V. = ₹400 Rupee), 1 Pan Card 1 Product / Independent Distributor only.


  1. Any Tour or Training Trip, Training Fees Charged by Company upto Rs. ₹500/- to Rs. ₹5000/- only for miscellaneous. Rewards, Tours, M.F.A, next to next pair counting. Rs. ₹10000/- and above all Rewards Income after TDS Deduction as per Govt. norms.


  1. Product cost Increasing Every Year 10% that is 1st Year Product Cost 2021, ₹5600/-, 2nd Year , ₹6160/-, 3rd Year 2023, ₹6776/-


  1. Starter Kit - Sales Promotion Product Manual 1 Leaflet, 1 Form for Purchase Any 1 Product Package Offline Form, Online Login Pin. Next by Purchase Leaflet Rs. ₹5/- and Product Purchase Offline Form Rs. ₹3/-.


  1. Daughter / Sister Marriage Loan, your income 10 times, on 0% Interest (applicable on Assistant Sales Manager)


  1. Help for Purchasing 2 wheeler, 4wheeler, contact your immediate upline or directors. (mail us :


  1. Major Medical upto 2 Lakhs (applicable on Sr. Marketing Director).


  1. Each member has to pay Rs. ₹100/- for the training certificate. And postal charge of Rs ₹50/-


  1. For Digital ID card, the member has to deposit Rs. ₹500 with KYC.


  1. It is mandatory to have a training certificate issued by SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP for AGROMARINE Scholarship Scheme. Only one member of the family can apply for this scholarship.